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A Very Darwin Christmas: Reminder to Evolutionary Biologists to Never Stop Exploring!

To all of my colleagues, friends, and peeps in Evolutionary Biology, here is a belated Merry Christmas pic of #Darwin.


Given his devotion to understanding nature, Charles Darwin gave up two years of his life to work as a naturalist aboard the HMS Beagle; the trip took ~5 yrs instead; and he logged this entry in his journal/book on his voyage while hoping to return to England soon (it would take several more months to actually make it back):

“Christmas-Day.—In a few more days the fourth year of our absence from England will be completed. Our first Christmas-day was spent at Plymouth; the second at St. Martin’s Cove, near Cape Horn; the third at Port Desire, in Patagonia; the fourth at anchor in a wild harbour in the peninsula of Tres Montes; this fifth here; and the next, I trust in Providence, will be in England. We attended divine service in the chapel of Pahia; part of the service being read in English, and part in the native language.”

–Charles Darwin

True Christmas was just another day for them on their expedition, and in his personal life, but Charles Darwin got to experience Christmas day in some incredible places!! Puerto Desiado (Port Desire) is about 400 km or 500 km south of where we used to live in Argentina (Puerto Madryn, or Port Madryn). I’m sure he never forgot it.

Take this as a reminder to never stop seeking, traveling, and exploring nature and learning her secrets! While the journey is great, we also should take time to enjoy going home, unwinding (truly getting away from work), and spending time with friends and family! Darwin definitely did all of the above.