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New version of BEAST--v1.8.3--released!

BEAST v1.8.3

BEAST v1.8.3 logo

In case you were unaware, Andrew Rambaut has made a new version of BEAST 1, v1.8.3, available for Mac, Windows and Linux (.dmg, .zip, .tgz) at the BEAST 1 GitHub website.

According to Andrew, new features of this version include:

  • Generalized Stepping Stone sampling for Marginal Likelihood Estimation.
  • Continuous quantile version of uncorrelated relaxed clock as option in BEAUti [from Li & Drummond 2012, MBE].
  • Option in BEAUti to log complete histories in Markov Jump Counting.
  • Jukes-Cantor added as an option for BEAUti nucleotide substition model.
  • New tree transition kernel (SubTreeLeap operator) implementd in BEAST.
  • Defaulting to randomizing rate categories for DiscretizedBranchRates.
  • BEAUti ‘guess dates’ options are now persistent from run to run (and shared with Path-O-Gen/Tempest).
  • Transmission tree model of Hall et al (2016) implemented.
  • Fast, general multidimensional scaling (MDS) implemented.
  • Clock panel in BEAUti simplified.
  • Parameter linking available in Priors panel in BEAUti.
  • Command line is logged into log file headers for reference.
  • Plus bug fixes.

I personally am downloading the update and running stepping stone sampling for MLEs for Bayes factors. What in the new version appeals most to you?

~ J