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Update to BEAST v2.3.1

BEAST2 logo
BEAST2 logo

A couple of months ago the developers released a new version of BEAST, v2.3.1. I like to remind myself and others to update your BEAST and its utilities to this latest version, which you can download it here.

BEAST v2.3.1 contains a number of important updates. Most notably, TreeAnnotator now has the default memory set to 4 Gb, and this will greatly help ambitious people who try to upload and summarize large numbers of trees, or the posterior distribution of trees from an analysis with many tree tips. If you haven’t updated in awhile, then you will get the greatest benefit from the present update and from managing all of the new packages that have come available in the last couple of years. For example, you’ll find that the new version of BEAST is compatible with new packages for Bayesian stochastic variable selection (e.g. BASTA), species delimitation, new ways of handling monophyletic constraints and fossil calibrations (if you haven’t seen CladeAge), and new models for generating species trees from genomic datasets (e.g. SNAPP using SNP data).