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Updated links to BEAST 1.7.5 phylogeography tutorials

As you know, BEAST is being developed by two separate groups of biologists and computer scientists, those working on beast 1.78 and those devleoping Beast2.  BEAST is essentially the main evolutionary analysis program now for phylogenetics, historical biogeography, species delimitation, and different phylogeography approaches; so it matters when there is an update.  This is just a quick post to highlight that changes to BEAST 1.7.5 phylogeography tutorials have been made, in case you didn’t get word of this through recent emails.  If this interests you, it would probably be worth your while to go check out the new tutorials at the BEAST Google code website, here.  Or you could just download the new tutorials directly in compressed folder format (.zip) by using the following links:  



Now that this is out, I’d encourage you to leave a comment and let me know if you are able to successfully or unsuccessfully complete either of these tutorials, or analyze your own datasets using the phylogeography algorithms available for BEAST.  I know there have been some problems with this.  Good luck.