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New version of Tracer - Tracer v1.6 - now available!

OK, heads up everyone using BEAST, or interested in summarizing and analyzing the results of Bayesian analyses in other software programs!  There is a new version of the program Tracer available at Andrew Rambaut’s website.  You can obtain the new version of Tracer, Tracer v1.6 by downloading the appropriate version here. The new version supports several new features, and here is a list of the new stuff they’ve added to the program, taken from the website:

  • Multilocus ‘Skygrid’ analysis option - use this option when analysing BEAST output generated under this model.
  • Density plots are now drawn as kernal density estimates (KDEs) instead of histograms.
  • Traces can be designated as integer or categorical with appropriate plots and statistics given.

If you haven’t downloaded a new version of Tracer in awhile, you may also notice several other new features… and obviously there have been some bug fixes.  So get the new version!


~ J