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Bryan Carstens's phylogeography talk from the 2012 Molecular Ecology Symposium, 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Ottawa, Canada

In 2012, the Evolution meetings were held in Ottawa, Canada as part of the 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (combining meetings of the SSE, SSB, ASN, etc.). The meeting was excellent, and I remember I was present for the entire Molecular Ecology Symposium, which was moderated by Time Vines and Loren Riesberg, each of whom also gave talks, as I recall. From memory, the symposium was dominated by speakers interested in applying next-generation techniques to problems in population genetics, evolution, and adaptation, and there was also an excellent talk on long-term ecological research. However, one of the talks that stood out for me was Bryan Carsten’s talk on phylogeography and the appropriate ways to do phylogeographic sampling and analysis, and I remember seeing this and gaining something from it.

Today, I realized for the first time that Bryan’s talk from the Symposium is available online (I found it on Bryan’s OSU website, here), and so I’ve decided to share it with everyone. It’s a pretty cool talk. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and maybe we can discuss model selection in phylogeography a bit.

Model Selection As A Tool For Inference In Phylogeographic Investigations from Fraser Hutchinson on Vimeo.